In 1997 HMTCA organized with great success a FEMAS three day International Conference with subject “The Marine Consultant: His Role in the Shipping Industry”. About 150 participants from various European countries attended and topics pertaining the shipping industry were presented and discussed in open forum

In September 2001 HMTCA hosted the Annual General Meeting of FEMAS in the island of Syros

In January 2002 HMTCA and the Hellenic Society of Maritime Lawyers (HSML) organized a Conference in Piraeus: “The Maritime expertise. Theory and Practice”.

Similar Conferences were repeated in January 2003: “The Contribution of the Legal and Technical Expert in Newbuildings”, in February 2004: “Legal Procedures and Safer Shipping, in May 2007: “Views, Problems and Prospects of Maritime Arbitration in Greece”.

In December 2008 HMTCA hosted the Annual General Meeting of FEMAS in Piraeus, which was combined with a conference on “Salvage and Towage”.

In April 2009 the Hellenic Shipbrokers Association (HSA) joined HSML and HMTCA for the Conference: “Crisis: “Present and future in Shipping”.