M.Sc., CEng, CMarEng, MIMarEST

Naval Architect & Marine Engineer specialized in casualty investigation on behalf of property and liability insurers, financial institution and authorities and has attended as expert witness in both The Hellenic Court and The High Court in UK.

Been involved in numerous damage, salvage and towage surveys and conducted studies for load outs, speed and angle of blow, flooding, stability and strength.

Apprenticeship – Pheonix Ship Repair SA Keratsini and sailing part time as a junior engineer, from 1981 to 1984.
1988 to 1989 – Surveyor for DNV Class stationed in UK.
1990 to 1991 – Superintendent Engineer for Lydia Mar Shipping.
1991 to 1995 – Surveyor for A Evdemon & Associates.
1995 to 2001 – Levantis Bros & Associates workings as Consultant Non-exclusive surveyor of The Salvage Association (Old Co.)
2001 to 2011 – BMT Marine & Offshore Surveys Ltd – Braemar Technical Services working as H&M surveyor.
2011 to 2014 – Braemar worked as Regional Business Director for Piraeus Office Eastern Mediterranean Region.
2014 to Present – At 2014 founded LevMar Engineering - Marine Technical Consultants and working as a Technical Consultant.